Be your best by treating your eyebrows to threading.

The art of threading is an ancient form of hair removal that’s 100% natural. It’s a simple technique that uses two pieces of cotton thread with no needles involved.

Our beauty professionals are experts at making the process relaxing by skillfully maneuvering along the skin's surface.

Many people choose threading over other techniques because:
  1. Safety, precision, speed, and thorough hair removal
  2. Long-lasting because hair is pulled from the root so it doesn’t involve snapping. Threading decreases the rate of hair regrowth which means less salon visits
  3. 100% eco-friendly with no toxic chemicals or electricity used
  4. Inexpensive and effective technique by removing all the hair from the follicle

Threading in normally completed by customers every 2 weeks.

Earn Automatic LOYALTY REWARD POINT For Every Threading Service.

Threading Parts


Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Lower Chin
Full Face W/O Brows
Full Face + Neck W/O Brows
Deals: 7 Brow threading package (1 Free Service)
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