Make Big Difference to how you look and how you feel by paying little attention to your eyebrows.

Threading is the ancient art of hair removal. 100 % natural – all it is a simple technique using two pieces of cotton thread; no involvement of needles.

Our beauty professional are expert to make the process relaxing with skillfully controlling along the skin surface.

Many people choose threading over other techniques because of:
  1. Safest, very precise, quickest and thorough hair removals.
  2. Long-lasting because hairs are pulled from the root, no snapping. So, threading decreases the rate of hair regrowth and which means less salon visits.
  3. 100% eco-friendly because no toxic chemicals and electricity are used.
  4. Inexpensive and effective technique by removing all the hairs from the follicle.

People normally have to perform threading in every 2 Weeks.

Make sure to get a THREADING LOYALTY CARD! You receive a free eyebrow threading after 6 services.

Threading Parts


Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Lower Chin
Full Face Package
Full Face + Neck
Deals: 7 Brow threading package (1 Free Service)