About Us


Welcome to Glitz Thread & SugarWax Studio located in the prime location of Atlanta which originates with the goal of being the premier salon in Georgia.

Led by the renowned Cosmetologist Nisha Singh with more than 10 years of experience and expertise in the beauty profession. She has won lots of accolades and awards during her one decade of experience in New York, Ohio and Georgia. Her unmatched drive, passion, tireless working attitude and desire to become successful entrepreneur have pushed her to open the salon in Georgia. Her and Glitz's main motto is to deliver the excellent customer service with perfection in a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Glitz Studio is here to make customers feel 100 percent satisfied. Our team of skilled, professional beautician experts is best in eyebrow threading, waxing, sugaring, facial, tinting, henna tattoos and other complimentary spa services. We invested in our experts to be well trained in world class techniques. Glitz Studio is to make you feel and look amazing; it is where you always feel welcomed and inclined to come back again and again. Additionally, Glitz uses and offers the finest quality of products without compromising beauty and aligns our best service mission.

So, Why not treat yourself to the best body waxing and sugaring, brows threading, facial, or a henna tattoo? Take your beauty to next level with the help of our expert beauticians.  We take customers through Walk-In OR Call OR Booking Online.

Nisha Singh