Sugaring hair removal is an ancient technique that uses all-natural gel made from sugar, water and lemon juice. 100% Natural.

Glitz Studio provides sugaring in all body parts and the face too. We make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the sugaring room.

What product does Glitz Studio use?

We use a superior professional hair removal product with the aromatherapy advantage. 100% Natural Organic (Sugar+Lemon Juice+Chamomile Tea along with rose scent).

How is it applied?

We only use the Sugar gel that is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction with non-woven waxing strips.

Pros of Sugaring:
  1. Water soluble so plain water can easily clean off any residue left on skin,
  2. Less painful and less irritation,
  3. 100% Natural with no chemical, fragrance or coloring,
  4. Remove dead skin cells.
  5. More Sanitary.
  6. Hair grows back thinner and finer.
  7. Bacteria does not breed on sugar gel.

How much hair is needed for Sugaring?

¼ inch of hair growth.

How long it last before second sugaring?

It removes the hair follicle from the root that can last up to 4-6 weeks.

$10 OFF for Brazilian Sugar Wax for First Visit Client.

Sugaring Parts


Brazilian Sugaring
Bikini Sugaring
Buttocks (between the cheeks)
Buttocks (everything) 
French Sugaring
Half Legs
Full Legs
Half Arms
Full Arms
Under Arms
Back Sugaring
Lower back
Happy Trail
Brazilian & Underarm
Full Body (Brazilian + Full Legs + Underarms + Upperlips)

Sugaring Packages



Original Price

Full Package Price


Silver Sugaring Package
(Full Body)
Brazilian Sugar Wax
+ Full or Half Legs
+ Underarms
+ Upper Lips






Gold Sugaring Package
All Silver Sugaring Package
+ Stomach
+ Full Arms






Platinum Sugaring Package
All Gold Sugaring  Package
+ Back
+ Buttocks
+ Hand & Feet




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